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24 Nov 2012 19:45:59
Disappointing performance, left the ground moaning and swearing yet on Wednesday night I'll put myself through it all again, once a blue always a blue.

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24 Nov 2012 18:47:52
absolutely pants performance - shows why a big squad like the champs league teams will always finish around the top places - we're missing Felli mirrallas hibbert and gibbo - 4 important players - the midfield with ossie just doesn't battle - there's no heart in there - just a load of strollers - how many times does Distin win a header and it goes straight to an opponent - that means Ossie and Hitzle are not coming back to sweep them up - Naismith - oh my god that ridiculous cock up when Jelli was in te middle shows he has no calmness and confidence - Ossie also snatches at chances when he's in the box - could see the equaliser coming all second half we were sooooo bad - why did moyes not change it - stick barkley on in the centre - at least he'd give it a go with some spirit - worst performance for ages - note to medic team - get our injured players back quicker or do one

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Get them back quicker when they're not ready and then they aggravate the injury so they're out for twice as long ? It doesn't make much sense to me. They'll be back when they are ready, I'm sure, and not a moment before. Also they wouldn't be nearly as effective if they come back half fit

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24 Nov 2012 17:08:03
Howard should of dealt with Norwichs leveller, how are you supposed too save the ball behind the goal line?? should of fisted it and been brave when it came in. gutted.. another 2 points dropped.. and dont start me on jelavic..

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You lot think ye going great had a good start then boom cant wait till ye fall down league

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There was always a chance of this happening with Jellyfish. Let's not forget he has left his last two club after going on strike and refusing to play. Just wait until January, summer at the latest and he will be off.

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Shut up you dirty kopite doesnt it tell you something that were disappointed at how were going at the moment yet were still above you! Your pathetic club are languishing in the lower half of the league so pipe down little boy!
Joe EFC {Ed025's Note - there are only 4 teams who can talk down to us at the moment joe...and liverpool are certainly not one of them!..

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It is common knowledge that goalkeepers should command the penalty area and more so the six yard box,I'm afraid Howard does neither, he prefers to react rather than prevent. he should be coming for those crosses all day long.

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24 Nov 2012 23:40:01
@1st reply. How very articulate of you. Bueno, now jog on back to your delusional site !

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24 Nov 2012 16:57:40
May as well pack Felli's bags for him now cos no way are we finishing in 4th after that inept performance. O Azul

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You can pack a few more while your at it!!

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24 Nov 2012 16:57:08
Reality check if last weeks wasn't enough. If we're missing a couple if players we're just not good enough. Top 10 should easy to achieve but top 6 will be a lot harder. It could be painful viewing over the next few weeks. We haven't won in a long time and with the games we have coming up I can't see the next win being soon. We need our injured players back and up to speed quickly. Jelavic should be dropped too. It will give him a much needed kick up the arse!

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24 Nov 2012 14:17:18
Oviedo and Distin in, Fellaini and Coleman out. COYB! Barkley and Hibbo on the bench, but no Mirallas or Gibson. Let's get 3 points!!

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24 Nov 2012 10:59:38
YNWA is an Anagram of YAWN ZZZZZZZ

Gods Doctor

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