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23 Aug 2010 21:51:02
This "Big Dave" seems to have a lot to say.

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23 Aug 2010 19:15:04
Everton Rumours
Big Dave here again, spent the day around Goodison, Finch Farm. Unfortuanatley there is no no new transfer news. However ive been told the some "youngsters" wil be given a chance on wednesday night against. I expect it to be the usual-
Rodwell and Coleman are definates to start, David Gueye is also expected to be given a chance. Jan much will be definatley starting, he is an expierinced goal keeper, who needs a chance to prove himself.


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23 Aug 2010 15:42:36
Has any1 heard anything about everton players cumn up to scotland on loan?? ed??

{Editor's Note: Only that Celtic cooled their reported interest in Joseph Yobo.}

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23 Aug 2010 15:06:55
Everton Rumours
First of all remy has signed for marseille so that's a no go, moyes made and offer for bellamy but man city would not let him go to a rival challenging for top four. i always expect moyes to pull something out of the bag on deadline day such as heitinga last year and fellaini the year before but this year its not likely to be a big money deal but hopefully there will be at least one more deal before next tuesday the most recent thing i have heard is tuncay from stoke but i doubt it this could all change however if yakubu leaves crouch has been mentioned as a replacement but this only if we get the money we want for the yak otherwise theres unlikely to be any major ins or outs i think the ismailov rumour is probably just a wild guess from a newspaper. as for the starting line up i would play

coleman/neville jags johnny baines
arteta fellaini rodwell pienaar

you heard any transfer news ed ?

Editor Comments: looks a strong line up. i really rate coleman and hope he gets a good run in the first team. as for the rumours, i hear everton have restructured thier loans to help pay the improved deals handed out this summer. i doubt any of the funds freed up will be put into the kitty so unless yakubu goes, i think thats it for the blues.

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23 Aug 2010 13:15:29
Arteta for England? "believable" for yes, "unbelievable" for no.


23 Aug 2010 13:12:15
HI toffee kid, I would go with coleman, he is young and is raring to go. Hibbert has had his chance, at times he has been good, at times he hasnt.

Coleman for right back


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23 Aug 2010 13:01:13
Everton Rumours
Pienarr still hasnt signed a new contract with us. . Who thinks we should sell him now, whilst hes still worth something, rather than see him walk way for free next season?

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23 Aug 2010 12:38:10
Who should be RB for everton?

hibbert (click believable)
coleman (click unbelievable)

personally i think hibbert for games against big teams because of his experience and coleman for the smaller games (like wolves) for his attacking crosses and runs

what do you think ed?

{Editor's Note: I would go with Coleman.}

toffee kid

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23 Aug 2010 12:15:27
Everton Rumours
Big Dave here again. . Ive heard many people saying that moyes has lost the plot since the 1-1 draw with wolves. Anyone who thinks he has lost the plot, click "believable" and anyone who thinks he hasnt click, "unbelievable."


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23 Aug 2010 11:43:35
Everton Rumours
Lets get one thing straight, It is highly unlikely that Everton will be making any more signings, unless the Yak or Yobo are sold. If we presume they will not be sold, then Moyes needs to sort out his best 11.

Coleman Heitinga Jagielka Baines
Arteta Rodwell Fellaini Pienarr

Although he made a mistake in the first game, and seemed to have lost his confidence in the second game, Howard should always be first choice in my opinion.

Neville is getting old, and Hibbert just hasnt impressed enough over the years. Ive always said we could do with a new right back, but because we are making no more signings, then pehaps it is time to give Coleman a chance to prove his worth.

Phil Jagielka, enough said.

Heitinga should be played there, it is his best position in my opinion, him and Jagielka were solid in the second half of last season.

Baines is first choice, and a good first choice. We don't have a spare Left back anyway. He also has a great partnership with peinarr

I think Rodwell deserves a run in the team, he has proved he can attack and defend, whilst possesing a great engine.

Fellaini showed just how good he is before being injured last season, he is better playing more defensive, and is a great rock in our midfield. By playing Rodwell and Fellaini, means that arteta may have to be moved out to the wing. Which is not a bad thing in my opinion.

Although arteta, has proved that center mid may be his best position, i feel weve lost a bit of creativity from are wings, so moving arteta out to the wing, may not be a bad thing. (you will all probly disagree with this)

Peinarr was our player of the season last year, and had a great understanding with Baines, so lets hope he gets a new contract signed, and finds his form from last season.

Tim Cahill isn't the greatest footballer Everton have ever had, but he is always a threat. He is one of those players who will allows nick a goal off a set piece or making runs into the box.

On his day Yakaubu is a quality goal scorer, and when fit, Saha is a great centre forward. BUt unfortunatley, Saha isn't fit very often, and Yakubu hasnt found his best form since returning from injury. SO pehaps we should give Beckford a run in the team, so he can prove just how good he can be for us.

So who agrees? and who disagrees?


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23 Aug 2010 10:59:19
Everton Rumours
One thing is fact when it comes to Everton transfers. No one on here or in the press will know anything about it until it happens.

As usual, they will probably bring in one reasonably big signing (10 - 15 million) right at the death and the rest will be the four or five usual low cost, loans or frees (which are already done).

Great site though guys. Keep up the good work.

23 Aug 2010 10:52:28
No transfers because no money 14million loan to pay off 9 million debt and this seasons buys and increased wages bill for Arteta, Rodwell, Baines & Cahill.
Arteta could play for England if he continues to play as he has in the first 2 games he certainly reminds me more of an English International than a Spanish one

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23 Aug 2010 00:18:13
Everton Rumours
In relation to all who think we have any chance of signing Remy!

he signed for marseille a few days ago!

HOWEVER he has since been diagnosed with a serious heart condition that was missed during the medical. Marseille have stated that he will not play for them untill this issue has been addressed and that he may never play again!

so before you go post stupid and made up rumours at least do a little research so that you look a little bit creditable and sont look like the complete morons that you are.

this story is all over the net and was on sky sport a couple of days ago.


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