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26 Jul 2017 21:53:16
Everton target Gylfi Sigurdsson rejoins Swansea squad after withdrawing from USA pre-season tour . Not liking this I've got £50on him being a blue :- (.

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26 Jul 2017 23:14:34
Kiddamick, I have double that lol. he be a Blue by next week.

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26 Jul 2017 20:26:50
Koeman not sure if Everton will place another bid For Sigurdsson. Interesting what what.
That's a paper talking. But I have watched Koeman saying Ross has no future at Everton. So it's find another team or rot in the U23's.
Ross what a plank.

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26 Jul 2017 21:20:55
I can't fathom Barkley out Mowfee82. He needs a new challenge (allegedly) . As someone has already said "were having a party and he wants to leave when we're getting the ale out". Strange boy guided by an even stranger agent.

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26 Jul 2017 21:56:38
Agree jimmyc but I also think it looks like him and RK just don't get on. Has to be a big factor too.

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26 Jul 2017 02:03:47
Rumours gathering pace over Bayern Munich's Renato Sanches ? . also in italy . 30yo Bacca with 108 goals to his 149 starts to his name .

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26 Jul 2017 07:37:42
And are these rumours linking them with joining Everton?

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26 Jul 2017 08:01:09
None that I can see, maybe ManU.

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26 Jul 2017 08:41:10
and anyway all those kids should go for a premium. they're the only players in the prem with world cup winning medals. that makes them all special. and tom is the captain like i say i wouldn't be shocked to find him in a tug of war amongst the top 4. fortunately he is a scouser so i can't see him leaving any time soon he is only 19.

{Ed025's Note - lets hope not floats..

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25 Jul 2017 23:00:41
I see chelsea are considering an offer for Tom Davies, well, using the swansea calculation method, that will be 1000m, and not a penney less.

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25 Jul 2017 23:12:37
Love it JCW100.

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26 Jul 2017 00:16:16
How u work that out. is Tom Davies an international player with proven premiership experience and with stats over a long period to back that up or is he a young professional trying to break into the first team. Confused.

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26 Jul 2017 06:58:55
I think it was a joke Rich.

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26 Jul 2017 08:34:38
he is the england captain u-19 and didn't they just win something?

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26 Jul 2017 11:42:57
They did Floats but he didn't play in that. Given special leave to go on holiday, seeing as he'd played most of the season for us.

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25 Jul 2017 19:25:49
Ed0025 in another post you mentioned about gylfi not stopping us from signing another class striker. You mentioned about today? . Just a question but are efc after kevin gameiro. rumour has it he's in liverpool.

{Ed025's Note - nothing on gameiro fanatic im afraid, i dont think athletico would let him go in this window either mate..

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25 Jul 2017 11:49:22
Just read a story claiming Chelsea want Tom Davies what to you think the likelyhood of this happening?

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25 Jul 2017 12:02:13
Better going for Neymars buy out as would be cheaper option mate.

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25 Jul 2017 13:45:21
there is no way chelsea are after tom for this season if this is true they see him as a player for the future his career would go backwards if he left us now. imo he is in a progressive side his ambition has to be get in the first team and get a regular starting birth then go from there onwards and upwards so he is exactly where he needs to be. altho there is the story that stoke will pay 25 mill for the ox i guess this means he has said no to chelsea so they maybe after another english player who knows. what a joke the ox 25 gylfi 50 i know who i would rather buy.

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25 Jul 2017 13:56:43
I' bet there are lots of clubs who would "want" several of our players - just as there are other clubs' players we "want". It has always been so. The difference these days is that we have money to keep our best players and we can afford to recruit quality players.

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25 Jul 2017 15:04:52
Im curious floats I could be wrong but by that post your claiming you'd rather have Ox over Sig. this is a and of opinions mate, just wondering why gives u that conclusion u would take the ox over GS. Regarding assists goals minutes played injuries etc.

Or have I took your post the wrong way haha.

Everton the gear.

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25 Jul 2017 15:37:12
your a little off on the queen's their mate, but if i understand you then an obvious answer is he is an all round better player in my opinion anything i post is my opinion unless i state it as a fact. i am in my fifties and probs move in different circles to you but if ox goes to stoke that would be a sin imo why are we not after such a well rounded mid player when we are willing to pay so much for a player who's statistics say he is quite one dimensional. futher more people seem to have forgotten that gylfi has had a chance to be in atop 4 team and wasn't good enough for poch' but he is good enough for efc fans that can't see past what they want. i am a born and bred efc fan and in no way is sigurdsson better than the ox who can play anywhere in the middle and if your asking me is gylfi worth this kind of investment in my opinion no he isn't but ox is because he is versatile pacey tricky and gets back and defends. so many efc fans are so prepared to over look gylfi's short comings to get him which we obviously will let's revisit this at the end of the season see who is right and who is wrong.

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25 Jul 2017 16:03:12
id have the ox but not at the expense of gylfi he stat our way beyond the ox, the ox has not move on in the last few year gylfi is one of the best attack midfield in the league.

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25 Jul 2017 16:46:35
Don't understand the point that Gylfi couldn't make it in a top 4 team when the comparison is Oxlaid chamberlain who can't get regular football in a top six team. I have seen plenty of Gylfi over the past few seasons and he is far from one dimensional. He has played all across the middle and up top. No surprise that he covered so much ground last season.

I agree the fee is shocking. But that's a money matter that I'm not concerned about as there are people employed by the club to make that judgement. I think he's a very good player who will contribute to goals, assists and will offer us a real threat from dead ball situations.

If oxlaid chamberlain was on the pitch enough to compare with those stats then we could drill down deeper to compare, but he wasn't so we'll never know.

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25 Jul 2017 17:04:28
Floats. the way you keep saying minus sigurdsson deadballs his stats aren't the best. I think your missing the fact that deadballs are a massive part of a game of football and it would be of great benifit to Everton to have someone so good at deadballs.

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25 Jul 2017 17:38:11
Isn't baines top notch at dead balls.

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25 Jul 2017 18:20:21
David Beckham say no more.

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25 Jul 2017 21:58:42
Floats I know football is a game of opinion, but you need a reality check. Sigs is far better than the overrated OX! . Sigs had carried the Swans for a number of seasons and is far more creative than OX. I remember Chelsea fans not rating Lampard and we know how that turned out.

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25 Jul 2017 22:20:19
Completely agree floats it's a game of opinion an wasn't being patronising in any way I was curious on your opinion to why ox would be a better player than sig.

In my opinion Ox is a very exciting player but I don't really know his position an I don't think he does either is he a CM or a winger I'm not sure

But again "in my opinion" he is no where near the quality of GS. He's quick tricky like u say but for me not in the same league of individual quality of GS.

Also I don't think any ones age has much to do with comparing two modern day era players.

Was just after a general insight to see if u had good points that I hadn't thought of to why Ox would be a better choice than Sig.

Everton the gear.

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25 Jul 2017 23:28:21
Couldn't be bothered even reading that. SIG ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

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25 Jul 2017 11:39:10
I was just wondering if there is any update on Lewis Gibson (young CB from Newc) and Joshua Zirkzee? I heard bids accepted and confirmed but nothing else? Also anyone else linked recently?

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24 Jul 2017 10:37:34
Hi Ed. what percentage do you think Sigi will end up a Blue.

{Ed025's Note - 100% rich, it may not be this window but i believe there is a very good chance it will mate..

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25 Jul 2017 07:55:39
47.5 million with add ons Ed, done by Friday mate, its peanuts to the rich boys on Merseyside now mate and to be honest he will improve us massively so i'm not arsed how much he costs.

{Ed025's Note - i think he will really improve us degs and if we get another forward that would be great for me mate..

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25 Jul 2017 08:13:29
Giroud would be icing on cake Ed.

{Ed025's Note - very much so for me degs mate..

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25 Jul 2017 09:53:56
Will be completed before Friday, if he is not paraded at Goodison before the Europa league game, I will eat my hat, full house for the game, cannot see Everton missing out on the marque number one target not being at Goodison this Thursday.

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25 Jul 2017 10:39:47
I will share the hat with you Baz, total confidence in this one completed before the game.

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25 Jul 2017 10:41:27
I wouldn't be surprised if the right bid came in today. £45 + the rest needed in add on. I think that last bid was just to see if there was any chance of a meeting half way. Now we know the Swans are playing hard ball I think we will settle this week and as is said perhaps parading him at half time in front of a full house this Thursday.

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25 Jul 2017 13:28:12
Hi Ed25 mentioning Giroud, do you think there is much happening there?
With the striker search I know we dropped interest in Dembele however with the rumours circling that Celtic would accept around £20m for him would we look to come back in?

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24 Jul 2017 23:48:38
Swansea have now rejected 45m offer, it really is time to tell them to p. off.
Even in todays over heated market, 50m is mad, time to walk away.
Go back when they have been relegated.

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25 Jul 2017 00:54:01
yep, agree.
we have offered 40 million, take it or leave it. i think he would push for a move to us then.

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25 Jul 2017 01:53:34
What a silly attitude to have! . When Man u or Chelsea were chasing Lukaku would have accepted the going rate or squeeze the buying club who wanted for your prize player. Don't forget Swansea know we have 75 mil sitting in the savings account.

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25 Jul 2017 07:30:19
Might be the case but Manu have much deeper pockets and 50 Mil is too much IMO.

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25 Jul 2017 07:32:13
ha ha walk away we will offer 45 million with 5 million add ons and they will prob accept it can't understand people saying walk away he isn't worth it if walker cost 55 million sigs is definitely worth 50 million prices are out of control.

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25 Jul 2017 07:55:39
I shouldn't complain but. Didn't we ask £100m for Rom and accepted £75m? My own opinion, Gylfi would probably be the best player that we could buy out of all that we have done already. Let Swansea say, "we stuck to our guns before we sold him". Ultimately, we will have the player that we want and more importantly, need.

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25 Jul 2017 09:15:15
When clubs are paying £50m for full backs is it really that much out of sink with the crazy market that is the premier league? He is a top performing midfielder with some of the best stats around, I can understand why Swansea are standing firm, no different than we did with Lukaku or stones or are currently doing with Barkley.!

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25 Jul 2017 09:22:10
Offer 35 plus Williams. Then we got 15 ish to get us a better cb too.

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25 Jul 2017 11:59:20
What I don't understand is why we don't just play Rooney in gilfi position and then spend the money on a top striker, Rooney will bag 10 goals easy a season and in my opinion is a lot better player, just seems we have money and just blowing it on inflated prices when we don't really need to, he's good and would be glad to have him, but at 25 million less than lukaku I can't really say that's good business, 25 million yes, we need some one who is going to get us 20 goals a season, sandro is untested so can't guaranty anything with him yet.

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25 Jul 2017 13:16:08
spot on BH.

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25 Jul 2017 22:48:58
kinda bizarre that people liken lukaku and lampard to gylfi this is way over-flattering for the icelander (? ) don't think we are being too sensible here and it is starting to look like we have no plan b.

i agree with the guy who said move on buy a striker. we are going all out to buy a dead ball specialist people who say he is more than this i would be happy for you to post the evidence of it on here. and i don't mean your personal opinion i mean evidence of him being more than this.

when we don't have a target man for him to aim at makes no sense any more to me this pursuit if swans don't want to sell move on. surely we can get better value elsewhere i mean we could tell barkley to stay another year and see out his contract then we wouldn't need gylfi this year anyway if we end our interest in him officially then swans will probs approach us to take him cause one thing for sure he will not be happy in s/ wales from now on.

seems to be working for our neighbours across the park with VVD. he is demanding the right to leave as would gylfi if we end our interest i am sure. we seem desperate to sign the player i haven't seen this kind of pig-headed stupidity since the days of gordon lee.

it is intriguing to me tho who koeman and co have in mind for sigurdsson to target cause if they don't have someone lined up they need their heads testing and i am a fan of gylfi and would like us to get him but not at any cost right now swans have time on their side and can play with us so as gylfi is not a settled efc player when the season starts if we tell them sod off they will come crawling back eventually cause they cannot keep the player now imo.

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25 Jul 2017 00:06:53
One thing I have noticed recently is that lukaku (this summer) and Suarez (2014) both cost around 75 million.
I know it's all relative and costs mean nothing but I would prefer Suarez every day to lukaku.

Btw hope we sort sigurdsson and a tall striker with maybe couple squad players coming in to assist the youngsters.

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25 Jul 2017 07:50:15
Suarez would be 150 million now mate.

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